AFC Congratulates School Choice Champions on Texas Elections Victories and Runoffs

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates the candidates who support educational choice on their successes in Tuesday’s elections in Texas. The election results are in line with numerous public polls that have found strong, bipartisan support for school choice.

Statement from Mandy Drogin, Texas State Director for the American Federation of Children:

“This is an exciting night for Texas families and their children, and an important moment for the school choice movement in our state. Voters from across the political spectrum stood up and proudly voiced their right to choose the best education for their children. In several key races, voters stood with candidates who strongly back public schools, public charters, private schools, and all forms of school choice, while rejecting candidates who want to compromise educational opportunities by stripping those options away from families and their children.

“The Texas Federation for Children PAC had tremendous success because we stood on the right side of history in our fight for every child to have an opportunity for a great education. We’re making tremendous progress toward the day when all families, especially lower-income families, will have the freedom to choose the best K-12 education for their children. We will join hands with Republicans, Democrats, and independents to keep working hard until education freedom for families is fully achieved.”


The Texas Federation for Children PAC supported six Republicans and four Democrats in their primary elections. All candidates are school choice champions and won their election or advanced to the runoff based upon results posted at the time of release:

HD 26 – Jacey Jetton (Runoff)
HD 45 – Carrie Isaac (Runoff)
HD 106 – Jared Patterson (Victory)
HD 128 – Briscoe Cain (Victory)
HD 132 – Mike Schofield (Victory)
HD 138 – Lacey Hull (Victory)

SD 27 – Eddie Lucio (Victory/Runoff – TBD)
HD 142 – Harold Dutton (Victory/Runoff – TBD)
HD 148 – Anna Eastman (Runoff)
HD 37 – Alex Dominguez (Victory)