AFC Congratulates Jose Felix Diaz on Decisive Victory

AFC Congratulates Jose Felix Diaz on Decisive Victory

Tampa, Fla. (July 25, 2017) – The American Federation for Children congratulates educational choice champion Jose Felix Diaz on his decisive Republican Primary victory tonight in the Senate District 40 Special Election. His support for families to be able to choose the best school for their child, whether it’s public, private, charter or virtual, helped drive parent advocates to come out in significant numbers this election to support Jose Felix Diaz.
Parents with children on Florida’s tax credit scholarships, working with the Florida Education Empowerment PAC, made more than 4,000 personal calls to other parents living in the district to express their support for Diaz.

Statement from John Kirtley, Vice Chairman of the American Federation for Children and Chairman of Florida Education Empowerment PAC
“While parent advocates had a significant impact in tonight’s results, their voices will be even stronger in the General Election where they make up almost 4% of all registered voters in Senate District 40. We congratulate Jose Felix Diaz on his victory tonight and appreciate his strong commitment to making sure Florida’s children have access to the educational options they need to succeed in life.”
The General Election is September 26, 2017.

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