AFC Celebrates Gov. Walker’s Victory

MILWAUKEE (Nov. 4, 2014) – The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, and its state affiliate the Wisconsin Federation for Children, congratulate Gov. Scott Walker on his re-election victory.

“Gov. Scott Walker’s track record of challenging the status quo and expanding educational options  for Wisconsin  families is a major  reason he was reelected tonight,” said Betsy DeVos, chairman of the American Federation for Children. “The teachers’ union agenda was soundly rejected in Wisconsin and we applaud Gov. Walker for running a strong campaign and not backing down in his support of educational choice and innovation for Wisconsin families.”

Gov. Walker increased the state’s investment in the 24-year old Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, and created the increasingly popular Racine Parental School Choice Program, as well as a statewide voucher program.

During the campaign, Gov. Walker announced his support for significantly increasing participation in the 2-year-old statewide voucher program, which currently is capped and can only help 1,000 children in low-income families.

“Whether it’s an absolute lift or a bigger increase than what we have currently — some of it in the state would have to keep pace with capacity,” Walker said in September. “I don’t know if it would happen all at once, but having more families have those choices, whether it’s in Madison or Green Bay or elsewhere across the state, is incredibly important.”

Walkers’ victory sets the stage for greater opportunities for Wisconsin’s students.

“Governor Walker’s victory is a victory for everyone who is a champion for education reform,” said Brian Fraley, spokesperson for the Wisconsin Federation for Children. “We look forward to working with the Governor in the months and years ahead to empower parents through the expansion of school choice.”


The American Federation for Children is the nation’s leading school choice advocacy organization and works in states across the country to help secure additional, high-quality educational options for families.

The Wisconsin Federation for Children is the state-based affiliate of the American Federation for Children.