9th Annual AFC National Policy Summit Panels Announced

Please join us in the nation’s capital as we discuss emerging school choice policies, practices, and politics during the American Federation for Children’s 9th annual National Policy Summit. 

Educational Choice: A World of Opportunities

The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C.
May 2-3, 2018


What Can America Learn from School Choice Globally?​
Democracies around the world fund diverse schools – including independent and religious schools – as a matter of principle. For example, ​

  • ​​The Netherlands funds 36 different kinds of schools on equal footing;
  • England allows parents to start new schools that fit their needs;
  • The Australian central government is the country’s top funder of scholarships to independent schools;
  • Alberta, Canada, even funds home schooling.

What can school choice advocates in America learn from these and other models abroad? What are the practical and political issues facing pluralistic school systems?
Dr. Ashley Berner, Johns Hopkins University
Anne Coffinier, Fondation pour L’Ecole
Dr. Beth Green, Cardus
Dr. Susanne Wiborg, University College London

The Changing World of School (Choice): Personalized Learning and Innovation in Charter, Private, and Public Schools
A charter school network, public school district and two private schools approach student learning in very different ways, but all with the same intent – to improve educational outcomes using 21st century methods to engage students.
Kevin P. Chavous, President of Academics, Policy, and Schools, K12, Inc. and American Federation for Children Board Member
Ben Marcovitz, Founder and CEO, Collegiate Academies
Tom Rooney, Superintendent, Lindsay Unified School District
Lincoln Tamayo, Vice President of Operations, Academy Prep Centers

What are the Obstacles to Engaging Parents?  
A workshop style session where parents will discuss how they became engaged, their interaction with state allies, and small groups will discuss best practices in their states.
Michael Benjamin, National Director of Grassroots Advocacy & Mobilization, American Federation for Children
Erica Chase, Pennsylvania Parent
Adam Goldman, Florida Parent Activist
Bernardo Gomez, Nevada Parent Activist
Tera Myers, Ohio Parent Activist

ESAs: The Most Innovative and Best Form of School Choice?
ESAs are widely popular according to polls and support is growing for them in legislative chambers across the country. Are they better than vouchers or tax credit scholarships for families?  Hear from an ESA parent, a legislator and school leaders who accept ESAs.
Shaka Mitchell, Tennessee State Director, American Federation for Children
Linda Crosby, Arizona Parent Activist
Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL)
Tim Montgomery, Head of School, The Piedmont School
Robin Sweet, Founder, Gateway Academy

School Choice in Rural States and Districts – Are they Compatible?
Much of the story and success of school choice is focused on urban settings.  Are families in rural districts seeking more and better educational options?  What battles do rural legislators face in supporting and passing school choice legislation?
Darrell Allison, National Director of State Teams and Political Strategy, American Federation for Children
Representative Dorothy Moon (R-ID)
Senator Amy Sinclair (R-IA)
Senator Erica Smith (D-NC)

The 2018 Elections: What do they Mean for School Choice in America?
Trends and forecasts state by state and nationwide from leading national pollsters and campaign strategists.
Tommy Schultz, National Communications Director, American Federation for Children
Deborah Beck, President, Beck Research
John Couvillon, Founder and President, JMC Analytics
Ashlee Rich Stephenson, Chief Strategy Officer, WPAi


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