41 Days of School Choice: Day 38 – Mississippi’s Speech and Language Impaired Students are Empowered with Educational Choice

Washington, D.C. (Sept. 25, 2014) – The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, continues the #41Days of School Choice initiative by celebrating Mississippi’s Speech-Language Therapy Scholarship for Students with Speech-Language Impairments Program– a scholarship program designed specifically for children diagnosed with speech-language impairments.

In 2012, Mississippi was the second state to enact legislation creating a publicly-funded private school choice program for students with developmental disorders, called the Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship. In 2013, the state legislature extended these new educational opportunities to students with speech-language impairments by creating the Speech-Language Therapy Scholarship Program. Through the program, students in grades k-6 can attend a private school of their parents’ choice in order to receive a personalized education program meeting their unique learning needs.

“Thanks to the Speech-Language Therapy Scholarship students will have increased access to educational options and therapy specialized to their needs, so they can succeed throughout the course of their education,” said Kevin P. Chavous, executive counsel for the American Federation for Children. “Nationwide, parents are utilizing educational options to help their children receive a quality education. We hope that in future legislative sessions Mississippi extends school choice opportunities to many more students.”

Program Facts:

  • In order to participate, students must be evaluated and diagnosed with a speech-language impairment
  • Students must have previously attended a public school or state accredited special-purpose school that emphasizes instruction in speech-language therapy intervention.

For more information visit: http://bit.ly/1qxeaFN

Throughout the 41 Days of School Choice campaign, the American Federation for Children will be promoting programs using the hashtag “#41Days”.


The American Federation for Children is the nation’s leading school choice advocacy organization and works in states across the country to help secure additional, high-quality educational options for families.


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