2016 and K-12 Education

By Lisa Telliga
With less than a year to go, the 2016 presidential race is well under way. Fourteen republicans and 3 democrats are vying for the top spot in their parties, and talking a lot about what the country will look like under their presidency.
An important issue that has been gaining national attention is K-12 education and educational choice. With the release of not so stellar NAEP scores, its an issue that needs that needs even more of a focus.
In August, AFC along with The Seventy Four hosted a New Hampshire Education Summit with republican candidates in an effort to bring the issue to the forefront. The same opportunity was given to the democrats for an Iowa Education summit but was turned down under pressure from the teachers’ unions.
This week, Campbell Brown, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Seventy Four, will sit down with 2 republican front runners, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio for a discussion on how America’s future generations can succeed.
It will be great to hear more from the candidates on K-12 education. For thousands of parents, quality K-12 education is a serious issue and it should be for the rest of the country as well. Our country’s future lies in the hands of the youth, so it’s of utmost importance that they are receiving the best education.
Ben Carson and Marco Rubio to Sit Down With The 74 For In-Depth Discussion of K-12 Education


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