09.19.2014 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

Good morning:

Something horrible happened in an Alabama public school and it was covered up, then the adults involved either kept their jobs or were promoted. This is an example of the status quo protecting its own and a stark reminder why alternatives, options and choices should be available to parents.
In a more positive news, in case you missed it, here’s a touching story of a child who went from a homeless shelter to the honor roll and continues to give back to his community.
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School Choice Tweet of the morning:​

American Federation for Children:

Blog: AFC celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month! – ¡AFC celebra el mes de la Herencia Hispana! http://bit.ly/1yiFoXq
Blog: One Week: Two states expand options http://bit.ly/1wJlsev
Press release: 41 Days of School Choice: Day 33 – Louisiana Creates Exceptional Education Program for Students with Exceptional Needs http://bit.ly/1uZOhiX

​School Choice News:

Tampa Bay Times: Voucher supporters seek backing from Pasco School Board http://bit.ly/1pkGMhL
Post and Courier: Charleston County School District to hold school choice fair Saturday http://bit.ly/1s8ZpwL
WKRN: East Nashville parents ask questions on school ‘choice plan’ http://bit.ly/1pll9Oo
Washington Examiner: Boehner stresses tax reform, school choice in GOP agenda http://washex.am/1BTpOQp

Charter School News:

Mlive: West Michigan charter operator, lawmakers react to proposed moratorium on charter schools http://bit.ly/1wvuYyR
Mohave Valley Daily News: Charter schools see more students http://bit.ly/1uZCEIK
Durham News: 2 new charter schools headed to Durham http://bit.ly/1AUB5gY
Amsterdam News: De Blasio unveils charter school co-location vision http://bit.ly/1plkVGZ

Education Reform News:

Chalkbeat New York: Fariña sings praises of Queens charter school with a music theme http://bit.ly/1p3xffV
Huffington Post: Balancing Efficiency and Quality in Education http://huff.to/1qinmKB
Chalkbeat Tennessee: For representatives at Nashville education summit, Common Core number one issue http://bit.ly/1sapGuE


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