08.22.2014 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

Good Morning:

AFC and PEFNC responded to yesterday’s disappointing ruling in North Carolina, where a Superior Court judge is allowing politics to get in the way of a child’s right to attend a quality school of their parents’ choice. And, today is Day 15 of the #41Days initiative, and we head back to Ohio to celebrate the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program.
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School Choice Tweet of the morning:

American Federation for Children:​

Press release: AFC condemns injunction placed on North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program http://bit.ly/1p1E8Ny
Press release: 41 Days of School Choice: Day 14 – Alabama program gives parents financial help to send their child to a quality school http://bit.ly/VHNoPU

​School Choice News:

Pacific Legal Foundation: Does San Francisco have school choice? http://bit.ly/1tnEeVP
News Observer: NC to appeal ruling banning taxpayer money for private schools http://bit.ly/1royQ6m
Charlotte Observer: N.C. private school vouchers ruled unconstitutional http://bit.ly/1ABc5NA
The Cap Times: School voucher supporters give big to Gov. Scott Walker, says One Wisconsin Now http://bit.ly/1tnTCl6
redefinED: Engaging teacher unions will accelerate transition to parental choice http://bit.ly/1ljXN0y

Charter School News:

Boston Globe: Voters aren’t eager for more charter schools http://bit.ly/VKhgLd
FOX 59: Parents shocked and upset about charter school shutdown http://bit.ly/1mtYwHk
KVNO News: Push for charter schools in Nebraska faces uphill battle http://bit.ly/1BJDkHg
KTBS: Charter schools in Northwest Louisiana http://bit.ly/VGCQAK
Model D: City kids: High-quality charter schools await Detroit families http://bit.ly/1piNGbW
MLive: Community invited to charter school’s 20th anniversary celebration today http://bit.ly/1q388fM

Education Reform News:

WRAL.com: Kansas schools to navigate education changes http://bit.ly/1p1Afbt
The Advertiser: Common Core not panacea for education woes http://bit.ly/1mtZEuw
Chalkbeat Colorado: Duncan announces flexibility in use of tests for evaluations http://bit.ly/1ll77RR
Huffington Post: States Escaping No Child Left Behind Can Get More Time On Teacher Evaluations http://huff.to/1p0Kqgl
New York Times: Education Secretary Allows Reprieve on Test-Based Teacher Ratings http://nyti.ms/XDpS8n


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