08.13.2014 AFC Daily News Clips – afternoon edition

Good Afternoon:

As noted this morning, Michelle Rhee is stepping down from her role as CEO of StudentsFirst, here’s a blog in her own words, “Our Next Chapter.
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School Choice Tweet of the afternoon:

American Federation for Children:

Press Release: 41 Days of School Choice: Day 8 Rhode Island, Small State Helping Children’s Education in a Big Way http://bit.ly/1q935aU
Press Release: AFC Congratulates Wisconsin School Choice Champions on Their Primary Victories http://bit.ly/1AdKPnU

​School Choice News:

Education News: School Choice More Popular Than Ever http://bit.ly/1nPIyqm
Daily Herald: School choice: Parenting not politics http://bit.ly/1sZBL2H
Town Hall: Why One Low-Income Family Is Grateful for State’s School Choice Program http://bit.ly/XijovB

Charter School News:

Tampa Tribune: New South Tampa charter school to offer daily Spanish http://bit.ly/1ouWaNK
Las Cruces News: New Mexico panel to consider 7 proposed charter schools http://bit.ly/1lV4ctz
KCTV: Plans underway to open 2 charter schools in Midtown Kansas City http://bit.ly/1q8Sb55
NBC DFW: Charter Schools Booming in Arlington http://bit.ly/1vHq7hv

Education Reform News:

Huffington Post: There Are A Lot More Adults Working In Schools Lately, And Most Of Them Are Not Teachers http://huff.to/1Aed462
The Oregonian: Oregon education board assesses itself — and comes up disappointed http://bit.ly/1sZpJXi
The Advertiser: State education department announces new teacher resources http://bit.ly/1AdUPh7


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