08.07.2014 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

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The #41Days of school choice initiative comes to Washington, DC – the nation’s only federally funded voucher program and it is primary day in Tennessee.
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School Choice Tweet of the morning:

School Choice News:

News Sentinel: PACs targeting incumbent Republican legislators with late spending http://bit.ly/X4lbnG
Nashville Post: Governor undecided about a third voucher run http://bit.ly/1orajFJ
redefinED: Suburbs hold key to resolving Dem. tensions over school choice http://bit.ly/1mp7ANo
State of Opportunity: A vision for how to make school choice work better in Detroit http://bit.ly/X1H3jE
Watchdog Wire: Ohio extends scholarship deadline http://bit.ly/X1QrE1
Red State: DPS, A case study for school choice http://bit.ly/1oditYf

Charter School News:

Austin-American Statesman: Charter schools gain ground in Austin http://bit.ly/1mgafsw
Forest Lake Times: Testimonials from students on how charter schools are working http://bit.ly/XHdLqH
Citizen-Times: Charter schools bring excitement, tension http://avlne.ws/1qWZX8w
Portland Press Herald: Maine’s first virtual charter school exceeds minimum enrollment http://bit.ly/1kn126t
WPTV: 10 new charter schools opening in Palm Beach County http://bit.ly/1tWCO6k
Mohave Valley Daily News: Charter schools get top scores on AIMS http://bit.ly/1svecP6

Education Reform News:

Daily Caller: Missouri voters put tenure on the ballot http://bit.ly/1sAmEgU
Education Week: U.S. review of standards, tests enter new phase http://bit.ly/1umhCnA
Daily Signal: New York candidate runs on stop common core message http://dailysign.al/1otzkjB
Baltimore Sun: Mount Washington school redefines education http://bsun.md/1lDrELK
Daily Caller: Oklahoma school chiefs, abandoning common core ‘impossible’ http://bit.ly/1pXJzy1
Patriot News: Philadelphia’s crisis shows need for fair education funding statewide http://bit.ly/1kIx8tR


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