06.18.2015 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

Good morning:

Two studies to start your morning:
First up, Andrew Campanella just released a new study today, “Leading the News – 25 Years of Education Coverage.” The study delves into how the news media covers education.
The second study from the Cowen Institute of Tulane University, finds the education reforms in New Orleans are having a profound and positive impact.
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School Choice Tweet of the Morning:

American Federation for Children:

Educational Choice is the New Normal http://bit.ly/1equFT8

​School Choice News:

Washington Examiner: Study: New Orleans’ unique school choice system is working http://washex.am/1Srrn00
Cowen Institute: The State of Public Education in New Orleans 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina http://bit.ly/1N5WWtn
Andrew Campanella: Leading the News – 25 Years of Education Coverage http://bit.ly/1CfhoBQ
Tampa Tribune: Vouchers still a work in progress http://bit.ly/1FoqqMK
Las Vegas Sun: What education savings bill will mean for low-income families in Las Vegas http://bit.ly/1GipESf
RedefinED: How do school choice issues fare in Florida’s state budget deal? http://bit.ly/1dKmQqa
Deseret News: Aggressive new Nevada law puts private schools in reach of all http://bit.ly/1G3ERr5
Watchdog: NY education receives mixed reviews in ‘Parent Power Index’ http://bit.ly/1JU1Uen
Daily Signal: Why This Iowa Principal is Thankful for School Choice http://dailysign.al/1dKEslR

Charter School News:

Bucks County Courier Times: Morrisville schools considering resolution to keep close eye on charter school billing http://bit.ly/1H0Nl88
NWI.com: Is Indiana wrong to offer low-interest loans to charter schools? http://bit.ly/1IQPPnk
Chalkbeat New York: Senate Republicans push proposal that could add city charters without raising cap http://bit.ly/1IQPUHF
Akron Beacon Journal: Poorly performing charter schools sue Ohio for trying to shut them down http://bit.ly/1N3sIHr
Education Watchdog: First graduating class from Hillsdale charter school earns $800K in college scholarships http://bit.ly/1JUPO4x
Go Local: Charter Schools Rally at RI State House for Public School Choice http://bit.ly/1dM73an

Education Reform News:

Education Week: N.Y. ‘Open’ Education Effort Draws Users Nationwide http://bit.ly/1Il8Rzt
Chalkbeat Tennessee: Low-income students have more to lose with summer learning loss http://bit.ly/1IPtzKp


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