06.03.2015 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

Good morning:

Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a sweeping new universal ESA program into law. As many of you know, Florida’s tax credit scholarship program was upheld, here’s a story from the Sun Sentinel worth checking out. In what is hardly a surprise, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s editorial board “knows best” and has come out against expanding Wisconsin’s statewide voucher program to more students. And, Brookings Institute is out with a new report that lists school choice as one of six strategies to improving social mobility (H/T Mike Petrilli).
And, my beloved Detroit Tigers have lost five games in a row. Matter of fact, they’ve only won two of the last ten games. How bad is it to be a Tigers fan right now? This: http://ble.ac/1AKcm5b
Have a great morning!

School Choice Tweet of the Morning:

American Federation for Children:

Release: Gov. Sandoval signs universal ESA program into law http://bit.ly/1FtZXih

​School Choice News:

Sun Sentinel: State tax credit scholarship program upheld http://bit.ly/1cxnO8s
Associated Press: Gov. Sandoval signs sweeping Nevada education savings account bill http://bit.ly/1Qp2LlQ
The Washington Times: New form of school choice spreads to Nevada http://washex.am/1FThRNR
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Editorial State doesn’t need unlimited voucher program http://bit.ly/1JkuWU9
Watchdog.org: School choice could fix dismal graduation rates in Oregon http://bit.ly/1HKfLh6
One News Now: Obama, the anti-school-choice president http://bit.ly/1HKfScx

Charter School News:

LaCrosse Tribune: Independent charter schools could be OK’d in 146 districts http://bit.ly/1Qp4vvo
CT Mirror: House poised to adopt controversial state budget deal http://bit.ly/1Qp4jfJ

Education Reform News:

Chicago Tribune: Emanuel names new CPS board members http://trib.in/1K9lbat


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