06.02.2015 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

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Vouchers were back on trial in Louisiana as the U.S. DOJ defended its unreasonable oversight of the program, read more about the case here. CATO’s Jason Bedrick has a column worth reading in today’s New York Post, questioning teachers’ unions “opt-out” rhetoric: If it applies to tests, why not allow parents to opt out of their assigned district school?
What is the status quo reading this morning? “The US school system’s treatment of black kids is a national scandal,” from Quartz. What’s missing from the story – any recognition that choice (private and public charter) dramatically alters the lives of millions of students nationwide – many of whom are low-income and minority.
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School Choice Tweet of the Morning:

​School Choice News:

Nola.com: Vouchers give kids ‘the first real chance to succeed,’ judge says http://bit.ly/1dISDbC
Associated Press: La. school voucher program before US appeals court http://bit.ly/1Q2Vygv
Education Week: Nevada Lawmakers Pass Expansive Private School Choice Bill http://bit.ly/1GiyDcq
Opportunity Lives: School Choice is Helping to Improve Public Schools http://bit.ly/1AL5YdJ
New York Post: New York teachers unions’ ‘choice’ charade http://bit.ly/1K6Ox9o
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Cyber schools would have to check truancy under proposed Pennyslvania bill http://bit.ly/1HIj3Sd

Charter School News:

Chicago Tribune: Editorial: Chicago’s charter school wars http://trib.in/1ST90lX
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Budget expands independent charter schools to more than 140 districts http://bit.ly/1JmDTed
Hartford Courant: Charter School Transparency Measure Clears the Connecticut Senate http://cour.at/1GVAEdr
Chalkbeat Tennessee: Low-performing Memphis charter schools get second chance http://bit.ly/1dIVFg5

Education Reform News:

Quartz: The US school system’s treatment of black kids is a national scandal http://bit.ly/1M6ZOpk
Heartland Podcast: Kara Kerwin: School Choice in Montana and Beyond http://bit.ly/1AInGij


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