03.30.2015 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

Good morning:

Kent Grusendorf and Michael Barba of the Texas Public Policy Foundation had guest column appear in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend. The Florida Association of School Administrators are dropping out of the anti-educational choice lawsuit.
And, we’re one week from opening day (Go Tigers!), the Big Ten currently holds 50 percent of the final four slots in the NCAA Tournament and just be happy that your Monday is going better than this: http://bit.ly/1bIZ7pQ
Have a great one!

School Choice Tweet of the morning:​

​School Choice News:

Wall Street Journal: How Texas Can Take the Lead on School Choice http://on.wsj.com/1HWFjwo
Trib Talk: School Choice will help rural Texas too http://bit.ly/1Ddiimn
Dallas Morning News: Lt. Gov. Patrick defends private school tax credit, voucher bills before Senate panel http://bit.ly/1BA3lGj
redefinED: Florida administrators group dropping out of school choice lawsuit http://bit.ly/19onV4Q
Education Week: Indiana’s Private School Voucher Program Expands Rapidly http://bit.ly/1HeOtAX
Indy Star: School choice gives parents power http://indy.st/19oanX4
Watchdog: Senators try again for tax-credit scholarships for students in need http://bit.ly/1HSe0Dv
Wall Street Journal: Push for Private Options in Education Gains Momentum http://on.wsj.com/195feMK

Charter School News:

The Week: The evidence is in: Charter schools rock! http://bit.ly/1DdgKIU
Tampa Bay Times: Florida House approves controversial bill to divert district funds to charter schools http://bit.ly/19o8wkY
Republican American: Bill axes limits for charter schools in state  http://bit.ly/1G88kmB
KOLO: Achievement Charter Schools Discussed For Nevada http://bit.ly/1G88w5l

Education Reform News:

Education Week: U.S. Citizenship Test Gains Traction as Diploma Criterion http://bit.ly/1HWBl6U
Chalkbeat Colorado: Testing opt-out bill passes Senate Education http://bit.ly/1bIRpfi


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