03.26.2015 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

Good morning:

In case you missed it, we announced James Carville and Mary Matalin will deliver a keynote address at  2015 AFC National Policy Summit in New Orleans. Click here to register now.
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School Choice Tweet of the morning:​

​School Choice News:

HT Politics: School choice bill moving quickly http://bit.ly/1BrUbuu
Philly Mag: Tony Williams Is Finally Starting to Own School Choice http://bit.ly/1E470lM
WFSU: ‘Public School Choice’ Gets Bipartisan Nod In House http://bit.ly/1GYWb1X
redefinED: School choice scholarship gives FL family more nurturing options http://bit.ly/19n5jSp
Arizona Daily Star: House fails to OK to vouchers for all reservation kids http://bit.ly/1E428Nq

Charter School News:

Los Angeles Times: Report calling for more oversight to prevent charter school fraud draws rebuke http://lat.ms/1E3KWHX
The Baltimore Sun: Senate panel rewrites Hogan’s charter school law http://bsun.md/1GYV02y
SF Gate: Montana education committee OKs proposal for charter schools http://bit.ly/1ybYgCx
WOSU: House Vote Nears On Ohio Charter School Changes http://bit.ly/1GYVxl5

Education Reform News:

Chalkbeat Indiana: Senate panel kills school district takeover proposal http://bit.ly/1NiN8L7
Times Daily: Education-related bills plentiful in Statehouse http://bit.ly/1bx40lG


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