03.24.2015 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

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Interesting story from The Detroit News, in “East Detroit,” teacher union members and education reform activists rallied in support of public school choice, although support for public school choice from the status quo was motivated purely out of economic concern.
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​School Choice News:

Tampa Bay Times: Bill would give more choices to Florida students http://bit.ly/1ClZQqT
redefinED: Another Florida school board debates school choice lawsuit http://bit.ly/19MHt3I
redefinED: Sweeping school choice, parental rights bill passes Florida Senate panel http://bit.ly/1xuKoIV
The Daily Signal: True or False? Jeb Bush’s Education Reforms Boosted Florida’s Schoolchildren http://dailysign.al/1CUYcyF
The State: South Carolina tax probe targets private school choice group http://bit.ly/1DTcAHp
Philly Daily News: Upping the ante for City Hall http://bit.ly/1N4qV5l
Chalkbeat Tennessee: Another voucher bill – for students with special needs – advancing in legislature http://bit.ly/1FSYKnE
Tri-State Defender: Educating the kids nobody wants http://bit.ly/18UN7zD

Charter School News:

Columbus Dispatch: Charter-school bills nearly ready in Ohio legislature http://bit.ly/1y0iXBq
Business Insider: The results of a new Stanford University study could surprise charter school critics http://read.bi/1LSgYKY
New York Post: Success Academy charter schools applications soar http://bit.ly/1LSh71h
Anniston Star: Speak Out: The worthiness of charter schools http://bit.ly/1HywHMk

Education Reform News:

Huffington Post: Education Creates Economic Stability! http://huff.to/1Gcnyr3
Chalkbeat New York: With a focus on the college-bound, career and technical education to expand in 10 schools http://bit.ly/1CLINix
Detroit News: Move to limit school choice at East Detroit reversed http://bit.ly/1BfECGZ


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