03.09.2015 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

Good morning:

As much of the nation paused to remember Selma and “Bloody Sunday,” I urge you to re-read and share Rev. HK Matthew’s op-ed about the parallels between marching 50 years ago for civil rights and the importance of school choice for low-income children today.
We’re completing a walk through at the AFC Policy Summit venue in New Orleans this morning – if you haven’t registered yet, do so now!
Have a great Monday!

School Choice Tweet of the morning:​

​School Choice News:

Knoxville News Sentinel: Madison Ott: School choice lets students find best fit http://bit.ly/1KKNtdE
Times Free Press: Todd Gardenhire’s school voucher bill moves in Tennessee House this week http://bit.ly/1BYpfXO
Forbes: Alabama School-Choice Decision: A Godsend For A Mom And Her Kids http://onforb.es/1A8aITQ
Herald-Tribune: John McKay: Tax Credit Scholarships give options to low-income students http://bit.ly/18uHms2
NH Union Leader: Jim Peschke: State is wrong to deny school choice in Croydon http://bit.ly/1wjwYia
Education Week: Charters & Choice News Roundup: Unions vs. School Choice http://bit.ly/1GrolFy

Charter School News:

Boston Globe: Civil rights fight looms on charter schools cap http://bit.ly/1A89yri
Akron Beacon Journal: Ohio teachers unions attempting to organize high-performing charter schools http://bit.ly/1CUBLJl
NBC: Tacoma preps to open 3 charter schools; debate continues http://kng5.tv/1CUBYMC
Indianapolis Business Journal: Bill seeks to stop ‘charter shopping’ by failing schools http://bit.ly/1GxvnbS

Education Reform News:

Education Week: In Wary Community, Finance Chief Builds Strong Case for K-12 Investment http://bit.ly/1Aahvxf
Huffington Post: Around The World, This Is How Girls And Boys Are Stacking Up Against Each Other In School http://huff.to/1Fzn2AW


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