02.12.2015 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

Good morning:

A lot of movement nationwide. A voucher bill passed the Senate Finance Committee in Tennessee yesterday, Mississippi State Senate passed a special needs ESA bill yesterday, and an ESA bill in Georgia continues garner support.
I’m not making this up — the NEA is urging teachers to no longer use ‘rich or poor’ but rather ‘right or wrong ZIP code.’ And, for the second year in a row, non-union teachers out number union teachers.
Finally, the arguments against school choice are usually the same (drains money, lack of accountability, church/state, etc.) but in Georgia, there’s a new argument – be sure to check out the video in today’s School Choice Tweet of the Morning.
Have a great day!

School Choice Tweet of the Morning:​

​School Choice News:

The Clarion Ledger: Senate passes special-needs voucher bill http://on.thec-l.com/1zaAzuM
Tennessean: Tennessee voucher bill passes first hurdle http://tnne.ws/1J0FGHQ
Associated Press: Tennessee school voucher bill advancing in Senate http://bit.ly/1J1apEs
Knoxville News Sentinel: John Crisp: Benefits of school vouchers questioned http://bit.ly/1zxV4Am
The Dallas News: Texas school choice advocates gaining ground http://bit.ly/1CZddyp
The Daily Beast: Union to Teachers: Say ‘Right ZIP Code,’ Not ‘Rich’ http://thebea.st/1zvUkvu

Charter School News:

Columbus Dispatch: Tougher rules for Ohio charter schools getting widespread support http://bit.ly/1F1tUtQ
Chalkbeat Colorado: Pioneer, one of Denver’s first charter schools, to close after 17 years http://bit.ly/19bNYwt
CBS News: California far ahead of nation in growth of charter schools http://cbsn.ws/1F1u8Rw
Salt Lake Tribune: Committee puts brakes on bill to let cities authorize new charter schools http://bit.ly/1CkzAZH

Education Reform News:

New York Times: Education Is Newest Target of Kansas Budget Cuts http://nyti.ms/1FCgp1g
Washington Post: What’s the purpose of education in the 21st century? http://wapo.st/1zak1Db
AZ Central: Douglas fires top staff at Arizona Board of Education http://bit.ly/1J0HeS6
Opportunity Lives: For Second Straight Year Non-Union Teachers Outnumber Union Teachers http://bit.ly/1MgbLKX


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