01.27.2015 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

Good morning:

National School Choice Week is underway, here’s a highlight video from the first day. Speaker John Boehner will keynote the bipartisan DC National School Choice Week Celebration tomorrow on Capitol Hill. Kevin P. Chavous and Howard Fuller will be in Alabama tomorrow and there is a school choice tour is underway in Louisiana. Of course, that’s only a fraction of the 11,000+ events taking place nationwide. Finally, today the Alliance for School Choice will announce a half million dollar media buy to promote the PSA, “Educational Choice Now” that will air throughout the week. On social media? Use hashtag #SCW to engage throughout NSCW.
Have a great day!

School Choice Tweet of the morning:​

American Federation for Children:

Press release: Speaker Boehner to give keynote address at DC National School Choice Week Celebration – Jan. 28 http://bit.ly/1uXZeqb

​School Choice News:

Washington Free Beacon: Growing Number of Americans Demand School Choice, Thousands of Rallies Planned http://bit.ly/1y32R9N
Opportunity Lives: New poll finds strong bipartisan support for school choice http://bit.ly/1uxmrtv
Times-Picayune: Louisiana charter, private schools featured in school choice tour http://bit.ly/1yJu1pX
Montgomery Advertiser: School choice rally planned for Wednesday in Montgomery http://on.mgmadv.com/15Iksfg
The Columbus Dispatch: School choice supporters rally together http://bit.ly/1JWqoPu
Daily Caller: All Children Are Different, That’s Why We Need School Choice http://bit.ly/1CbXvzw
redefinED: Florida’s school choice bottom line: 1.5 million students http://bit.ly/1BeIQOK
Young Voices: To Expand Opportunity, Expand School Choice http://bit.ly/1uRU1Af
Education Watchdog: Nevada school choice pioneer discusses growth ahead http://bit.ly/1BghKGQ
Education Watchdog: Supreme Court ruling could make Colorado a school choice destination http://bit.ly/1JuY5cG
Vermont Watchdog: Democrats favor school choice in Vermont, nationwide http://bit.ly/1yYmyUu
Herald Online: 1,400+ Events Across Florida This Week to Promote School Choice http://bit.ly/1yYmLHh

Charter School News:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Boom time for St. Louis charter schools http://bit.ly/1CJPxwH
BDN Maine: All six of Maine’s charter schools have student waiting lists http://bit.ly/1EormWq
Buffalo News: Charter schools offer proposals to operate Buffalo public schools http://bit.ly/1D2Foc9
Sun Sentinel: Charter school business expands in Fort Lauderdale http://bit.ly/1y32xrO

Education Reform News:

Chalkbeat Colorado: Panel passes kindergarten, preschool funding bills, but divisions remain http://bit.ly/1yKZkRo
Chalkbeat Indiana: Proposal: Let test scores count for up to 50 percent of teacher evaluations http://bit.ly/1tkptWy


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