01.08.2015 AFC Daily News Clips – morning edition

Good morning:

When I took my dog on a walk this morning it was 1 degree outside – for a moment I wondered if I should have gotten a cat.  Here’s to hoping everyone is surviving the artic temps! Florida’s teachers’ union remains committed to waging a war against poor, minority and disenfranchised students. Louisiana continues to offer innovate options to students through Course Choice, which saw big enrollment gains this year. And, AFC is excited to announce that former Democratic State Senator Jabar Shumate will serve the director of legislative affairs and state director for the Oklahoma Federation for Children.
Have a great Thursday!

School Choice Tweet of the morning:​

​American Federation for Children:

Press release: Louisiana’s Course Choice Funding Leads To Eight-Fold Increase In Enrollment Ahttp://bit.ly/1Awhwjs

School Choice News:

Statesman: ‘School choice’ would save Texas billions, groups say http://bit.ly/14tzyVL
NE News Now: A boost for school choice in Sunshine State http://bit.ly/1AJTpwB
Washington Free Beacon: FL Teacher’s Union Vows to Continue Fight Against School Choice Despite Defeat http://bit.ly/14ucLcs
Chron: Enrollment up in Louisiana’s Course Choice program http://bit.ly/1Ft7OSe
The Advocate: Course options show big enrollment gains http://bit.ly/1FtTPeG
Education Next: School Vouchers Help Low-Income Minority Students Earn a College Degree http://bit.ly/1Kp4qrk
National Affairs: The Next Step in School Choice http://bit.ly/14ujt26
Education News: Georgia Scholarship Runs Out $58mil in One Day http://bit.ly/1xVrJ8U

Charter School News:

Buffalo News: Charter schools offer plans for three district sites http://bit.ly/1tQv33N
Sun Sentinel: PB legislator’s bill would toughen rules to open charter schools http://bit.ly/145m566
WSWS: Two New Orleans charter schools vote to return to local oversight http://bit.ly/1AJSk7U
AL.com: Don’t let the boogeyman of change stop charter schools in Alabama: opinion http://bit.ly/14yGEJn

Education Reform News:

Education Week: A Fresh Approach to Ranking States on Education http://bit.ly/1KoInkI
Chalkbeat Tennessee: Program aims to build social-emotional learning for educators http://bit.ly/1AucFNf


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