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School choice programs empower more than 210,000 families across the nation.  With voucher programs, scholarship tax credit programs, and other educational choices, students living around the nation can access the school that best meets their educational needs. 

But thousands more families don’t have educational choice.  Your voice can change that. Be an advocate and voice your support for America’s children. Use these calls to action and tell your elected officials to enact strong, accountable school choice legislation today!

Bring School Choice to Your State

Tell your elected officials that you support school choice programs and want to bring a voucher or scholarship tax credit program to your state to help children attend a school that will transform their lives. 

Click here to bring educational options to your state today!

State Action Alerts


Protect and Strengthen Education Savings Accounts for Special Needs Students

Expand Scholarship Tax Credit Programs in the Grand Canyon State


Urgent: Create More Educational Options for Arkansas Families 


Enact a Statewide Scholarship Program for the Peach State’s Students

Save Georgia’s Charter Schools and Give Hope to Thousands of Children


Expand the Choice Scholarship Program Today!


Expand Vouchers Statewide to Help Students Stuck in Failing Schools

New Jersey

Support the Opportunity Scholarship Act

New Mexico

Tell your Elected Officials to Vote YES on the Equal Opportunity Scholarship Act

Support the Special Needs Student Scholarship Act

North Carolina

Enact School Choice Legislation for Disadvantaged Students


Enact and Expand Educational Choice in Pennsylvania


Bring Real Educational Choice to Tennessee Today!


Bring a Scholarship Tax Credit Program to the Old Dominion State

Washington, D.C.

Continue Supporting the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program


Support Governor Walker’s Educational Choice Budget

Support Governor Walker's Wisconsin Special Needs Scholarship Proposal

When contacting your legislator, remember to include your personal story and why you believe school choice can transform America.  And remember to be respectful.

Thank you for taking action for our children!