Board of Directors

Betsy DeVos,
Chairman, Grand Rapids, MI

John F. Kirtley,
Vice Chairman, Tampa, FL

H. Lee Barfield, II,
Nashville, TN

Campbell Brown,
New York, NY

Kevin P. Chavous,
Washington, DC

Kathy Hubbard,
Indianapolis, IN

Joseph Lieberman,
New York, NY

William E. Oberndorf,
Chairman Emeritus,
San Francisco, CA

Executive Team

Greg Brock, Executive Director

John Schilling, Chief Operating Officer

Government Affairs Team

Jonathan Nikkila, Government Affairs Director

Alyson Miles, Deputy Director of Government Affairs

Michael Benjamin, National Director of Grassroots Advocacy & Outreach

Sean Bradley, National Outreach Advisor

Kelli Bottger, Government Affairs Associate (LA)

Ryan Cantrell, Government Affairs Associate (AL)

Scott Jensen, Senior Advisor

Denise Lasher, Government Affairs Advisor (FL, NV)

Jamie Lord, Government Affairs Advisor (GA)

David Morgan, Government Affairs Advisor (GA)

Tony Niknejad, Government Affairs Associate (TN)

Cara Powell, Tennessee Outreach Coordinator

Development Team

Zack Dawes, National Director of Development

Elisa Clements, Deputy Director of Development

Jana Gregg, Summit Manager

Mandy Borvan, Development Manager, Director of Events

Greg Talley, Development Associate

Implementation and Policy Team

Lindsey Rust, National Director of Implementation

Whitney Marcavage, National Policy Director

Communications Team

Matthew Frendewey, National Communications Director

Krista Carney, National Communications Associate

Kimberly Sawatka, Communications Consultant 

Paul Dauphin, Communications Director (LA)

Kim Martinez, National Correspondent, Communications Associate (AZ)

Finance and Administration

Jennifer Miller, Chief Financial Officer

Benita Gardner, Senior Accountant

Brenda Hondorp, Executive Assistant

Donna Selby, Accounting Assistant